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Inaugural Edition Mallet

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Putting conditions change, Putting strokes change, now your putter can change also.  The Happy Putter allows golfers to custom fit themselves
every time they play.  Fast greens, slow greens, grainy greens, no problem.  Trying a new putter stance? No problem.  Frustrated because you are pulling or pushing your putts? We got that covered.  The Happy Putter features an aluminum face pressed against a poly urethane loft shim that provides the perfect balance of feel and feedback to optimize distance control.  The blue anodized finish is not only beautiful and unique, but also extremely durable.  The custom over-sized grip, which has a patent pending, feels great in your hands no matter what grip style you prefer.  With three different lie options, three different loft options, three different off set options, and three different sets of weights, rest assured knowing the putter you need will be in your bag, and while you may not have a tour representative providing advice on how to adjust your putter, you will have access to the free Happy Putter App, which will tell you how to adjust your putter for any conditions you come across.   

Golfers have been waiting a long time for the next big idea in putters, are you Happy now?